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16:14   06.11.2016

George Condo’s exhibition

Exhibition by one of the most famous modern avant-garde artists George Condo is opened in the Heydar Aliyev Center.


19:01   09.10.2016

Little Lies exhibition

YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents an exhibition called Little Lies devoted to the works by David Claerbout (Belgium) and Soren Thilo Funder (Denmark).

15:42   09.10.2016

Dark Dinner

Dark Dinner is a charity project aimed to raise funds on projects of the Kazakhstan Blind Association Almaty branch. This is taste bud that functions in another way in the darkness: food taste is not what we are used to – it tastes richer and more interest


15:30   30.09.2016

Annual contemporary art festival

Motionless anthropomorphic city structure, roads, crossroads, architecture come to life filled with energy of contemporary art. Live action of an artist, his interaction with environment and citizens makes all urban landscape move.


14:57   19.09.2016

The largest youth forum is launching in Astrakhan

Traditionally in the beginning of September Astrakhan hosts the largest international youth forum, Selias. This year is not an exception. Selias-2016 starts its work on 19 September and invites youth from Russia and pre-Caspian countries.


16:33   18.09.2016

Baikonur Short Film Festival

Almaty hosts the I Republic Festival of Short Films called Baikonur. The festival will discover new talents becoming a launching pad for young directors.


16:00   07.09.2016

Real Bangkok

Experienced traveler Anton Dryanichkin will tell about one of the most mysterious and controversial cities in the world, the country itself, traditions, culture with visual presentation.


15:10   05.09.2016

V “Caspian Shore” International Festival of Puppet Shows of pre-Caspian countries

This weekend prepares a grand opening of the V “Caspian Shore” International Festival of Puppet Shows of pre-Caspian countries for Astrakhan citizens.


15:51   17.08.2016

III Summer Ecological School 2016

If you are under 29 years old you can become a participant of the III Summer Ecological School 2016 Study of Caspian Sea Biodiversity and Searching Its Preservation Ways.


14:26   16.08.2016

Eco Fest FOURЭ 2016

Eco festival is an international three-day-long open-air festival. It is an opportunity to leave noisy, vain city and join harmony and calmness. It is a place for sport, educational, creative and children master classes. Each evening Kazakhstan and foreign


10:30   31.07.2016

In the Colorful Dimension exhibition

The house museum of Velimir Khlebnikov hosts an exhibition In the Colorful Dimension.


19:00   28.07.2016

Screen version of mono-play The Fall

Screen version of mono-play The Fall by Albert Camus is shown in Almaty at 19:00 in Zhas Sahna cinema.


16:12   22.07.2016

The FIG World Cup final in Baku

This year the FIG World Cup final is held in Baku on 22-24 July. Gymnasts from 20 countries take part in the competition.

13:50   22.07.2016

Open air cinema

Youth center Zholdastyk launches the Open Air Cinema project.


12:00   10.07.2016

Live Water festival

On July 9 and 10 Astrakhan region hosts the XVI International Festival of Folk Art Live Water. It is held in the framework of the ethno-social project The Volga Delta without Borders. The festival is organized by the Regional Ministry of Culture and Touris

10:42   10.07.2016

The Fisherman Day

On July 10 Astrakhan celebrates one of the most valuable holidays, the Fisherman Day.


17:00   27.06.2016

Summer Kids Fashion Show at the Caspian Sea shore

Baku hosts the summer festival of children’s fashion, Summer Kids Fashion Show, organized by Art Production. It takes place at the Caspian Sea shore in Mambo Beach on June 27 at 18:00.


18:00   26.06.2016

Dinner in the darkness

Almaty citizens can give money for the Kazakhstan Society of the Blind in the framework of the social charity project, Dinner in the Darkness.


18:00   25.06.2016

The Mind Games Festival

Azerbaijan hosts the IV Festival of intellectual games Mind Games on What? Where? When? Game which is organized by the Intellectual Youth Club Khazar with financial support of the Fund of Youth under the President of Azerbaijan.

12:00   25.06.2016

Festival Color Azerbaijan

The suburbs of Baku, Markadany, hosts the Festival Color Azerbaijan organized by TS and Azsound companies.


08:21   05.06.2016

The Family Picnic

On June 5 in the framework of the Family Picnic festival the Parade of prams is held.


12:32   01.06.2016

Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition

From May 1 to May 4 Baku Expo-center hosts the largest event in the energetic sector of Caspian region. It is the 23rd Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Congress Caspian Oil and Gas 2016.


14:00   30.05.2016

The concert of choral music to the Day of Russia

In advance of the national holiday the Day of Russia Astrakhan conservatory holds the concert of choral music in the Great hall on May 30 at 15.00.


15:39   28.05.2016

Open air jazz concerts are held in Almaty from May 7

Popular Kazakhstan musicians will perform jazz music every Saturday since May 7 in Almaty.

10:41   28.05.2016

Astrakhan tourism week

In the end of May Astrakhan hosts the Tourism week which attracts municipalities’ representatives of Astrakhan region and tourism companies. Local reserves, museums, hotels and public organizations will present their projects.

09:51   28.05.2016

Suitcases in the city

On May 28 avid tourists and suitcases’ owner gather on the central promenade. The event is held at the Week of tourism. Over 600 suitcases will be used to form the word “Astrakhan”.


17:00   21.05.2016

Barbershop Battle. Astrakhan open

The Caspian capital is waiting for the battle of the best barbershops in Russia. More than 10 cities-participants, the best barbers, an opportunity to learn traditions of modern barbers and choose the best!


18:30   20.05.2016

Open lecture Economy of Kazakhstan. Myths and reality. New economic politics.

On May 20 the Centre of Central Asian Research of the University CASC invites to the open lecture by Aidarhan Kusainov Economy of Kazakhstan. Myths and reality. New economic politics.


09:11   19.05.2016

Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup 2016

Representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Germany will fight for the main prize.


18:00   13.05.2016

Bulgakov festival

The Bulgakov Festival dedicated to the 125th anniversary since the writer’s birth is held in the Astrakhan regional science library. The festival is held from May 11 to May 13.