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If you have some questions it means that you have already been registered on (check if you have confirmed your e-mail address by clicking the link). In case you haven’t got an account on our website yet, you are better to create it because it is the beginning of really interesting things.

1. Signing up and profile editing

Why do I have to sign up here?

Only registered readers can use all the opportunities of the website: comment posts and columns, get the latest news every day and become one of CYNA’s authors.

How can I sign up?

You should fill in the registration form (name, e-mail address and password).

Finally, we send you an e-mail to confirm your e-mail address with an attached link.

How can I log in?

You should enter your e-mail which you indicated while registration and your password.

2. Articles: reading and commenting

How can I read an article?

Besides the news feed on the main page, the website contains several columns: news, events, view, culture, broadcasting and unprintable edition. Each column is interesting in its own way.

Click the column you have chosen and you can read an archive of materials.

How can I leave a comment?

Only registered users can comment articles. Users are not allowed to use obscene language, to insult directly or indirectly the author, characters or other users and to foment ethnic and social strife. Admin has a right to moderate the comments and ban the users.

3. Articles: writing and publication

How can I become an author of CYNA?

After registration at the website you can send an application to After considering it will connect with you and give you an access to the website as an author. Welcome, our new author of CYNA!

How can I publish an article?

If you have become an author you can publish your own opinion articles. To do that you should take the following steps.

1. Log in and find a button “Go to the admin panel” under your profile picture;

2. Click “Posts”, then “Add post”;

3. Fill in the field “Title”;

4. In the “Category” choose “View”;

5. Choose the language of the article;

6. Click “Add” and you will see the field for editing;

7. In “Description” write a subtitle (a short description of the article);

8. In “Meta-keywords” enter the key words which will help to find your article on the Internet;

9. In “Tags” you enter the words for the search within CYNA;

10. In a square dark grey frame “Attached images” you can download the main picture for the article;

11. Finally, the big white field is meant for text editing. There you can create your own article with help of meccano. In the upper right corner you will find the components to construct your own style of the article. You can add photos, video, maps or links;

12. When you finish your work do not forget to align text to the width. To do that you should select the text and press the button “J” in the light green window;

13. Are you ready to show the text to the chief editor? Click “Save post”;

14. Wait:

15. As soon as your article passes moderation it will be published at CYNA newsfeed under your name.

4. Change the settings

How can I change the personal data?

To change your user name, password, profile picture, date of birth, country, city and even your sex you should go to your account page.

How can I restore my account?

You realized that you have made a huge mistake after deleting your account. Do not worry.

You can restore your profile. Just log in and you will get a letter of confirmation.


We hope that we have answered all the questions to work with our website. If you still need some help send us an e-mail to


Yours sincerely, your CYNA