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A stage of the Russian rally championship final in Astrakhan


A stage of the Russian rally championship final in Astrakhan


The fifth round of the Great Prairie – the Silk Road Russian rally championship is held on 3-6 September and connects Volgograd, Elista and Astrakhan. This race is final in the season and will determine new national champions.

The keenest struggle for the title is expected in Raid-Sport, T3 and Trucks nominations where several crews claim for prizes and the highest awards in the Final standing and Production category. Because of its complicity, the multi-day race has a difficulty rating 1,2 that gives extra points so the results are completely unpredictable.

Unlike with a traditional start the rally begins with the longest race Volgograd – Elista of 460-kilometer speed section, not with a short qualifying special section. This will impact on the race intrigue. Relatively flat Volgograd and Kalmyk prairie will let crews move at the maximum speed and those who can reach the highest pace from the very beginning will become leaders.

The second stage Elista – Elista with a special section of 320 kilometers is expected to be not less fast-speed. Pilots and navigators will need maximum mobilization and composure as fast Kalmyk roads are often full of unexpected surprises, such as scours, ravines and guileful crooks.

The third round connects Elista with Astrakhan where winners will get their laurel. Nevertheless, previously pilots have to cover the toughest 365-kilometer distance during which the race changes its character for several times. After Astrakhan region’s border the prairie becomes more well-shaped and sandy so rally speed will lower. Rotating and crocking hills and holes will tax participants’ patience and temper. Those with better equipment and more energy will succeed.

In total the participants of the final battle will cover the route of some 1500 km, 1145 of which they will accomplish in a speed mode.

To make the final race more memorable, the organizers, Russian rallies, made participation free for women, mixed crews and crews where the captain acts for the first time in the Russian rally championship. 

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