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Public at 08:16  14.04.16


As a rule one of the most effective ways to change and cheer up is buying a new dress or complete wardrobe update. In recent times, the cost of new collections exceed psychological high significantly resulting dissatisfaction and disappointment. In this case, ingenuity and grandma’s chest can help. I will not go into details and nuances of fashion history, I just remind about its cyclicity. After the surface tendencies study a group of enthusiasts conducted an experiment. They found clothes of their mothers and grandmothers for the previous 10-40 years. The result was interesting!

If you can find bags or clutch from 50s-60s (most likely made of natural leather) you can use it without any doubt and little attrition just adds charm. If an accessory is seriously damaged the repair shops will help you. Cloaks and coats can be a pleasant discovery. Classic is out of time! In the deficit times clothes were kept more careful, moreover they are more qualitative than modern.

Maxi and midi dresses with a simple print or monochrome are popular in every season for several decades.

High waist midi skirts look good with modern shoes.

The emphasis on accessories! Retro-rings, pendants, bracelets, hair clips should be stored carefully and saved for children. Vintage Melchior rings with semiprecious stones are not worse than brand faceted glass in steel alloy.

Crop-tops were spread in 80-s and then sank into oblivion, mutated and came back. I want to note that top is a “dangerous” cloth: its owners have to have a perfect torso and a good taste in order not to cross the line of vulgarity.

Pantaloons came in fashion of France in XVI century. Few of them have survived since that times in their original look but a skirt-trousers became popular among fashion  in 1830 creating an alternative to classic skirts and helping cycling development among women. After that they закрепились in the cycle.

During the experiment, we faced a lack of men’s clothes. Maybe that is because of “careful” attitude to clothes or its complete absesnse. Maybe the reason is that chic man Soviet suits of thin natural wool didn’t look valuable for grandmas. Anyway we managed to collect a man set “fop» and casual option «hooligan».

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09:41  13.01.17

В Иране археологи обнаружили самые древние на Земле рисунки

Они были найдены учеными еще несколько лет назад. Археолог Мохаммад Насерифард считает, что возраст рисунков может превышать 40 тысяч лет.

09:53  27.09.16

Become a participant of the main youth event!

Candidates should register to become a participant of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students.

10:37  15.09.16

Students will get an opportunity to visit museums for free

There are about 5 million students in Russia. Now they are allowed to visit a state or municipal museum for free not less than once a month. As student ombudsman Artyom Khromov said to Rossiyskaya Gazeta the legislation has been updated with necessary amen

13:18  14.09.16

Large apple festival in Almaty

AlmaFest 2016 is a large traditional cultural event on Almaty City Day. Numerous entertainment areas will be set up in the Park named after the First President:

15:25  12.09.16

International experts highly appreciated Astrakhan opera projects

In the framework of the Astrakhan Theater of Opera and Ballet project, The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov producing at the Cathedral Square in the Astrakhan Kremlin, a panel discussion occurred.

16:44  09.09.16

Astrakhan will host V International Festival of Puppet Shows of pre-Caspian countries

On 1-5 October Astrakhan will host another international event which attracted to participation puppet shows from the pre-Caspian countries. Caspian Shore festival will be opened with gala demonstration after which everybody can attend creative meetings an

11:00  09.09.16

World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan are over

II World Nomad Games were held on the coast of the high altitude lake Issyk Kul on 3-8 September in Kyrgyzstan. This year athletes from 60 countries competed in 25 disciplines.

11:52  06.09.16

Eurasian countries youth will gather in Russia for the first time

On 7 September the first “Eurasia” International Youth Educational Forum will start in Orenburg. Over 800 youth representatives from 70 Eurasian countries take part in the event.

13:22  02.09.16

A film by Azerbaijan director at the Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema

A film by Azerbaijan director Mahir Ganas “I’m Back” will be screened at the XII Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema held on 5-11 September.

10:42  02.09.16

Kazakh “Game of Thrones”

Kazakhstans will create their own version of the popular TV show.