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There is Russian spirit or the winter church tour


There is Russian spirit or the winter church tour


If forests do not go to me I will come by myself – I thought this way when I went by plane from the warm Astrakhan winter to Central European part of Russia. I’ve never been wrong so much.

To my regret I saw the forests only from the windows of a train or commuter train. Fortunately it is not the disadvantage of my trip.

In February of this year I decided on two courageous steps for the first time:

1. A flight

2. A walk around Moscow

After coming back home I noted that I like trains and Astrakhan very much. In plane I had a thought of my imminent demise, in Moscow I had a thought about returning home.

The only thing I liked a lot in the capital of Russia is Russia is my history exhibition situated at VDNKh, Historical and art value of this educational complex delights. In the hall there are two permanent platforms Rurikoviches and Romanovs. As I know, the exhibition is planned to be extended to the Soviet period of Russia.

In Moscow we finally determined the route: Kostroma – Yaroslavl – Sergiev Posad. At night we went by train to the “Royal cradle”. 


Still sleepy we left the train at 5 a.m. at the little platform of Kostroma railway station. It was cold and snowy. So snowy that it was necessary to follow only a thin icy path.

Kostroma is a cradle of the Romanow dynasty. It is the town with a rich history decisive for the country. We visited the Ipatiev monastery where the future tsar Mikhail lived and hid from the poles. Thanks to Ivan Susanin this monastery was a place for the ceremony of calling to the throne the first Romanow who put an end to the Time of Troubles. Besides, there is a special thrill related to the tsar family and its history in Kostroma.


We spent only an hour in Yaroslavl. Passing by the Yaroslavl Kremlin I had a thought to come back there for a deeper study.

Sergiev Posad

It takes 1,5 hours to reach Sergiev Posad from Moscow by a commuter train. So if you are a Moscow citizen you should visit this wonderful town.

The town appeared approximately in 1347 around the Trinity monastery which founder was Sergius of Radonezh (whose relicts are kept in this monastery).

The monastery played an important role in the formation of the Russian State, took part in the struggle against the Tatar-Mongol yoke, was an opponent of Polish-Lithuanian troops in Times of Troubles, supported Peter I in opposition to the Princess Sophia, and more.

Jostling with French, Chinese, American tourists we managed to walk around the monastery territory, take a look at this utter beauty (only 30% is allotted for the walk, the rest 70% is closed from the outside world monastery) and eat very delicious bread.

I don’t know about other regions of our country but in Sergiev Posad I recommend to eat the bread bought in every special shop.

Each inveterate southerner has to make a winter trip along the Golden ring of Russia. Indeed the winter in these places is beautiful, soft and Russian. I think that every season is beautiful in combination with unique historical monuments of Russian culture.

Do you want to understand the Russian soul? Take tickets either to Kostroma or to Yaroslavl or Sergiev Posad or any other town which are near Moscow. Tie yourself with a Pavlovo-Posad shawl and play honey gingerbread a good knife and fork.

Bon Appetit!

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