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Public at 08:08  14.04.16

Hand therapy

Women’s world is full of stresses sometimes contrived and momentary but nevertheless. They poison the existence of beautiful and gentle creatures.

So how to return the composure and harmony (in case of financial crisis)? Searching for answers didn’t take much of my time everything depends on wish,. Attention! The two options I find optimal for me are rather costly (more information is further).

From childhood girls are taught to sew, knit, cook, sculpt, draw and etc. for creation of comfort and constant heating of family hearth. All school years I thought that needlework lessons are waste of time. Nevertheless, I liked cooking and creating something of fabric, needles and threads under the sensitive guidance of Mum and Grandmothers. I didn’t realize how it can be useful for me in my adult life. When I understood that I’m too lazy for knitting and molding of polymer clay, yoga is too static for me and gym requires a lot of perseverance I considered the budget and got the following results.

#1 Sewing relaxation

It started with a wish to have a cozy and nice home clothes but the suitable kit was hard to find in shops. Incidentally last several years Grandma’s sewing machine was gathering dust in her closet. The fabric was bought at the market nearby. Creating patterns took a little more time than I had thought but these are the questions to my spatial thinking.

- Three soulful evenings spent in the kitchen under the relaxing buzzing of the machine

- A couple of pricked fingers

- Two nicest pajamas

- priceless experience

#2 Nail polish therapy

Does beauty require sacrifice? No, but it requires time and money! I won’t even try to find information who came up with the idea to polish nails and imposed this idea to women. If you have never done it before do not start. It is addictive! And I fell into this trap.

The average bill for manicure is 500 rubles (min 2 times a month cost 1000 rubles). In this case I am more worried not about money but about time (the procedure takes minimum 2 hours) and a habit to always be in a hurry. After watching some videos and consulting with women nearby, I dared to some investment and bought a minimum set of everything necessary. In total the first installment was about 3000 rubles spent for materials and instruments (not professional).

- Incredible beauty

- Time spent with body benefit

- An opportunity to change something every day

- A perspective of extra profit

Qui, assumenda, blanditiis. Esse quae sequi ex pariatur rem blanditiis, minima sunt laudantium fugit et reiciendis laborum recusandae nihil atque, impedit molestiae! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus leo ante, consectetur sit amet vulputate vel, dapibus sit amet lectus.

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